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Get your Crypto-Gold Asset

CryptoGLD is a GOLD cryptocurrency.

This means that every coin represents a finite quantity of actual physical gold.

Gold is the ultimate asset. CryptoGLD Coins are the safe secure easy way to

buy, hold and move gold anywhere anytime.

You too can benefit from the cryptocurrency revolution today.

GLD International Inc launches 10 million CryptoGLD Coins. A fully gold backed cryptocurrency under Ethereum Blockchain.


Safe, Secure & Trusted Gold has genuine intrinsic value
CryptoGLD charges no premium on top of gold price Gold backing means price & value stability
No account fees, no holding fees, no storage fees Your fast, flexible & secure crypto comodity
Blockchain security & safely transferable world-wide Easy to purchase – Use PayPal, Credit Card, Bank transfer or pay with ETH
10,000,000 coins are fully backed by 100,000 ounces of gold SAVING – 5 FREE Coins for every 100 coins purchased TODAY – Immediate 5% FREE gain

How does CryptoGLD work

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Our Rates

10 Coin

  • Get 10 Coins

  • Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed

50 Coins

  • Get 50 Coin
  • Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed

250 Coins

  • Get 250 Coins
  • Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed

What makes CryptoGLD Coins different?

Gold's Price Security: CryptoGLD is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, with the price security of gold because every coin is 100% gold backed. Every CryptoGLD Coin represents actual physical gold and can be exchanged for the equivalent metal. CryptoGLD has all the...
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Is CryptoGLD Coins Right for you?

Ask Yourself It is important to ask the right questions. There has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. To understand this, you’ve got to ask yourself the right questions about your financial control and security. Do you want more...
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How does the CryptoGLD Coin gold backing works?

Knowledge Is power Each CryptoGLD coin is 100% backed by gold. This gold is part of Citigold’s gold reserves and is not gold sitting somewhere in a gold storage facility. So, what is the difference and is the fact that it is a gold reserve instead of the...
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