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Coins that have all the benefits of the best

cryptocurrencies, with the added value of gold!

Access Existing Wallet

Now that you have a wallet, just follow these simple steps to access it from any device you want to. Yes, you can use it on your latest smart phone.

Credit Card & PayPal

Buying CryptoGLD Coins is as easy as any other online purchase. You can buy your Coins now with PayPal or a credit card, your choicse.

Buy With Ether

Are you already active in the cryptocurrency world? Get your free wallet now and buy CryptoGLD Coins straight from it with Ether.

Wire Transfer

Do you prefer using your bank, online or branch? Well with CryptoGLD you can simply go online and do a wire transfer for your purchase.

What makes CryptoGLD Coins different?

Gold's Price Security CryptoGLD is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, with Gold's Price Security because every coin is 100% gold backed. Every CryptoGLD represents actual physical gold and can be exchanged for the equivalent metal. Crypto GLD has all the benefits of a...
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Is CryptoGLD Coins Right for you?

Ask Yourself It is important to ask the right questions. There has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. To understand this, you’ve got to ask yourself the right questions about your financial control and security. Do you want more...
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How does the CryptoGLD Coin gold backing works?

Knowledge Is power Each CryptoGLD coin is 100% backed by gold. This gold is part of Citigold’s gold reserves and is not gold sitting somewhere in a gold storage facility. So, what is the difference and is the fact that it is a gold reserve instead of the...
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If you have any questions about CrypyoGLD Coins, the gold backing, our wallet or simply how to buy some, please feel free to contact us any time you like.

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